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Established on December 30, 2011 in a suburban apartment near Chicago — Willowbrook, Illinois.

Our mission is to make video abundant and part of everyday life. We simplify video production — making professional video more accessible to the world.

Behold the Video Kingdom

One Company. Multiple Video Production Brands.

Our team of in-house videographers, video editors and creative directors experience a broad range of project types, sizes and complexity. Our videographers film small school plays, and Fortune 500 corporate videos. There are virtually no video production companies with the same dynamic range. There is only one Videographer.com

Vanilla Video

Making video production quick and easy, we designed an affordable, fun and very unique videography experience. Nobody has been able to replicate our model.

$500 - $3,000

Premium video production — nationwide, and select countries — managing a video logistics network, and offering higher-tier video production & branding services.

$2,500 - $25,000
Edit Engine

Handling high-volume video workloads for businesses, and editing for personal events. Animation, motion graphics and video design among other specialties.


Founding Team Members

Two brothers who love film, and a self-taught website developer. Designing a video production company for the modern, web-connected world.

Frank Romano III

Sales & Co-Founder

Graphics & Design / Animation

Corey Olson

CEO & Co-Founder

Web Developer / Programmer

Nick Romano

Operations & Co-Founder

Videographer / Cinematographer